Gujarati Calendar V1.0.0

We designed this application to show all necessary information in a clean and simple way. Gujarati language is used everywhere in the app. We are working hard to include more feature in upcoming releases. Please share your feedback or feature request. We will work on your request and include them in the future releases. Thanks for your support!

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Clean Design

Clean and easy to use screen design. User Experience (UX) is our top priority.

Settings and Notification

Alert / Notification feature is integrated. User can customize or turn on/off any notification using inbuilt setting screen.

Classic Calendar View

The home screen of the app is classic calendar. We look into the classic paper calendar design and try to fit it into the mobile screen.


We use proper compression technique to make the application portable and very small in size. So that, user can download the application even with the slow Internet connection.


Offline Support

You don't need to be online / connect to internet for using our app. We have added offline feature to make our app working without Internet.


Our app has dedicated screen to display location-based choghadiya details with time and other important information. User can enable choghadiya notification using the setting screen of the app.



This app has integrated widget to show time, date, choghadiya details. Now you have all important information at the home screen.


Colour Themes

We have 16 different colour theme for you. Pick the colour you want for the app.


List of application releases and brief description


Version 1.7 of the application. New Feature included : New 2021 Calendar, Bank Holidays, International Support (India, USA, Canada, Australia, UK, UAE) and Bug fixes...


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